Decision: Joy

So I was having a nice and surprisingly long and uninterrupted phone conversation with my good friend this morning. We were catching up and I was keeping the boys at peace by offering snacks. Yes, I bribe my kids with snacks; but only when I’m catching up with an old friend who’s children are also being quiet and allowing our conversation to flow. We wrapped up our yapping session and I looked over in time to catch Judah digging in his diaper and smearing said diaper (in this post we’ll assume that “diaper” means poop ok?) over himself and whatever else was near him. !!!!!!

It’s not the first time, but every time I catch said diaper smearing, I gag a little and squeal like I’ve seen a mouse. Like, not a tiny little baby mouse, but a giant, beady eyed, jagged teeth, snarling mouse. Ok so it’s not a squeal, it’s more of a war cry. Anyway, the point is, recently we’ve had several of these diaper issues A DAY and today, had I not just had the nicest chat with my friend, which usually brings me sanity, I’m not sure what would have come after the war cry. Possibly self medication with another pot of coffee and donuts (which go straight to my hips).


But don’t worry, I don’t always turn to food for comfort. Some days I just deal with the crap (pun intended) head on and find the humor in…well in something. So today I found the humor in watching Jacob fake burp while Judah laughed his head off (aren’t we so proper?). I found the humor in watching Judah run around the house, yelling like a punch-drunk, happy little banshie because he realized that throwing toys over the baby gate was a really cool trick. I giggled at Jacob’s oh-so-cute way of requesting that I draw a “letter 3″. I found the humor in participating in a spontaneous dance party with my boys before nap time because 1) It was almost nap time and 2) While Jacob has rhythm, Judah dances just like his daddy (who in fact has rhythm, just not in the dance department….oh and no, don’t go to the bedroom with that, I meant that he’s a drummer).

Today I found joy in doing the dishes, changing diapers, cleaning bathrooms and dusting shelves. I found joy in these things because “diapers” or not, deciding to have joy, deciding to find the humor in every situation is the better way to go. That decision isn’t always easy, especially when late night wakings that end with a kid sleeping in our bed and said diaper incidents are chalking themselves up on the “chip away at mama’s sanity” board. But, it’s more fun go to go the joy way and each time I do, a little more of my sanity returns.

So, today yes, I cleaned poop off my son’s face for the 8th time this week, I scrubbed dirty pots and pans and I smashed my toe on Jacob’s scattered toys, but say that with a smile and a gleam in your eye and you’ll have everyone jealous of your glamourous life. Right? :)

Veterinary medicine

Veterinary medicine is the branch of medicine that deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease, disorder and injury in non-human animals. The scope of veterinary medicine is wide, covering all animal species, both domesticated and wild, with a wide range of conditions which can affect different species.

Veterinary medicine is widely practiced, both with and without professional supervision. Professional care is most often led by a veterinary physician (also known as a vet, veterinary surgeon or veterinarian), but also by paraveterinary workers such as veterinary nurses or technicians. This can be augmented by other paraprofessionals with specific specialisms such as animal physiotherapy or dentistry, and species relevant roles such as farriers.

Veterinary science

Veterinary science helps human health through the monitoring and control of zoonotic disease (infectious disease transmitted from non-human animals to humans), food safety, and indirectly through human applications from basic medical research. They also help to maintain food supply through livestock health monitoring and treatment, and mental health by keeping pets healthy and long living. Veterinary scientists often collaborate with epidemiologists, and other health or natural scientists depending on type of work. Ethically, veterinarians are usually obliged to look after animal welfare.

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