Project 365 :: Vol. 2

Today I’m tired. Today, I felt the grace to do life successfully, slow down to a tired limp. It’s not one of those really serious days, where the grace is a vapor, and I should buy my mom a one way ticket; Just one of those days where the answer was to stop pushing and just let things be as they would.

I have those moments, where I’m faced with the choice to make my own happiness and I know, deep inside, that is the right answer. Suck it up and give piggy back rides to the tantrumming kids, eat chocolate chips from the bag and see the sunshine, even if we have to drive forty minutes south. Change my perspective.

Then there are days, like today, when things are clustering into a flub of ridiculous mess, and it’s okay to not fold the laundry, not clean the dishes, not make it all happen. It’s okay that things are imperfect.


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I feel this kind of post cycles it’s way through my archives, but as much as I know life ebbs and flows, no matter how many times I come to terms with it, write about it, I still struggle when things are switched up on me. I like consistency, to the OCD degree. And that doesn’t mean it has to be consistently good, just predictable, you know? Being able to view this one rough day as just that, one rough day, is a part of me that’s constantly being stretched and is slowly growing.

Today I’m thankful for good friends who understand, who let us lounge at their house for a bit because their Fisher Price slide is the only thing making the firstborn happy; For being able to send a text and vent a little, knowing they get it.

Sometimes life sucks, right? I mean, rough days happen. Rough seasons emerge. And while I’m not entirely certain where I stand on all that, I’m okay with right now, with today.

And I can feel Pollyanna sneaking her sickeningly sweet, perky face around the corner saying, “Tomorrow’s a new day…”

Whatever Pollyanna. ;)

Oh Monday. How was your’s?

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