picnic at the presidio

Our weekend was pretty good. We spent Saturday morning lounging around with the boys and then met Malisaand Anthony for lunch (we love when they’re in town!)

Sunday we sort of flew by the seat of our pants and ended up in the city at the presidio. Off the Grid holds apicnic at the presidio event. It’s usually pretty busy and festive, with music and games, but we decided to set up camp on the edge and just people watch. The weather was beautiful, the boys ran their energy out and we all got a little sun.


I’ve been searching this site for things to do now that the sun is a bit warmer these days. I’m sure someone told me about this site before, but I’m only just rediscovering it. If you’re in the bay area, it’s a nice resource for fun and inexpensive things to do around the city.

This week is starting off very productive. What is it about Spring-time that forces you weed out your closets and vacuum the baseboards? Whatever it is, I love it!

How’s your week going?

Veterinary medicine

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Veterinary science

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