I saw this set of really cute photos; This four year old blonde haired, freckled nosed little boy with a adorable grin. He was posing and showing off pretend kung-fu moves and I started sobbing. Out of no where, I thought, “That’s what Judah might be doing if he were normal”. I think I am more susceptible to the emotional tides this particular time of month, but there are small moments like that, in which the little wound in my heart opens up and I feel raw again. Oddly enough, I’m thankful for those moments. They bring life into perspective and a deeper healing to my heart.

Sometimes, just acknowledging that this isn’t fair and giving in to a good cry is what the heart needs. Something about that fresh start afterwards, knowing that you no longer have those emotions bottled inside, helps you look at the life in front of you with joy and gratefulness and possibly a new level of understanding.

“I would tell you to honour your feelings and let the tears flow when they need to. You will need the energy for more important things than holding in emotions.” {What I Would Tell You - I came across this by way of a friend on Facebook after I wrote this post. It’s a long read, but totally worth it. Josh and I can relate very well to what she wrote}

I not immune to the pressure to be stoic. To face the wind and pretend I’m not moved. As if being honest that this is hard and some days I don’t really like it, will somehow mark me off the good mom list.

Guess what? There’s no such list.

Today was B-E-A-UTIFUL. As of late, most mornings start off chilly and cloudy, but most mornings lack that particular smell of Fall. Today it smelled like Fall and stayed crisp and cloudy for it’s entirety; and baby, I’m happy!

I haven’t been in a dress wearing mood lately, but I may or may not have worn these pants like, every day this week. Ok, I have. I love these boots and have been holding off from wearing them, but since today stayed chilly, I set them free from the pile of shoe clutter in my closet. (I actually don’t own that many shoes, I just don’t organize them very well)

We went on a bike ride and then played at the park today and talked about when we should build a fire in the fireplace and how many s’mores we’ll make this fall-winter season. I like the cozy feeling of this time of year and I’m doing a little jig right at this very moment (in my head) over the fact that I won’t be shoveling snow. If that doesn’t deserve a hallelujah! I don’t know what does.

Is Fall rounding your corner yet?

We’ve joined the rest of town and have become bike owners. I’m thrilled, like beyond thrilled, because there are all kinds of fun things to do that are just a tad bit too far to walk to, but perfect for a bike ride (hello frozen yogurt shop!).

Last sunday, we bought two bikes and a kid-trailer thing for the boys to ride in. I was nervous that the boys would hate the cart, but they beg, like literally on hands and knees, to go for rides. It’s the perfect solution for Josh’s commute from the Ferry in the city to his office and it’s nice for the boys and I to have alternate transportation if we’re wanting to make a quick run to the store or go down to the library. Plus, Judah’s school is within biking distance and if we ever have car troubles again, we won’t need to rent a vehicle and Judah won’t miss class.

The only downside, my legs and booty hurt from all that exercise. The upside? All that exercise. :)

P.S. The boys do have helmets and we’re working on keeping them on their heads. Until they master it, we’re sticking to the bike trails in our neighborhood; which actually lead to most of the places we want to go like the library, parks and grocery store}

Last week I kept up with the flooding in Owego, NY through Abbey of Aesthetic Outburst. It’s where she and her family live and I’m glad she posted about it so that we could all pitch in and help. Reading about the flood made my heart ache and also helped me keep things in perspective this week.
{take one….we try}
{take two…Jacob is escaping, as usual…weekly family photos compliments of my mom…thanks mom!}
{take three…bangs in the wind, but everyone’s looking in the same direction. That’s a win.}

Friday night my parents flew in from the East coast. My dad had a schedule full of meetings on Saturday, but was free to spend this afternoon and evening with us. My mom has cozied herself in our guest bedroom and will be staying with us this week while my dad flies a little north to keep up with his busy work schedule. It goes without saying (but I’m going to say it) that we were so excited to have my parents visiting this weekend and I’m so thankful my mom is staying with us this week (although we will be missing my dad). Grandparent love AND having my mom around to help celebrate my birthday week is perfect!


This week I was reminded of the wisdom in keeping your peace, biting your tongue and being patient. It’s a good lesson to learn and although I’m not always good at it, I’m glad for little reminders that keep me on track.

There is nothing like watching your son’s creative side grow. Jacob is enamored with taking photos, painting and putting things together. I love that we are able to share in those creative ventures together…even if sometimes it means painting the sun porch with colored bubbles. :)

Saturday morning, Judah woke up at 3:30am belly laughing. After an hour of listening to him crack up, I snuck in and scooped Jacob out of their room and nestled him in our bed. The three of us, Josh, me and Jacob snuggled in and slept while Judah continued his late-night comedy act. The kid is hilarious…even if he’s his own audience. I’m not sure when he fell back to sleep, but he carried that happy-go-lucky attitude throughout the day. I think having a good ol’ fashioned family day (including grandparents) made his day.

I loved yesterday. The sun slowly came up and peeked out from behind the fog and coffee brewed while Josh made pancakes. The added bonus of having my mom bustling around the kitchen, fill requests like “Can you find my red race car G-Ma?” made it all the better. And somehow we got a free second to sit and drink coffee at the breakfast table before the boys requested more attention. 

The boys were thrilled to wake up from their nap to G-Pa sitting on the couch. The groggy smiles and volunteered hugs proved it.
We spent the afternoon driving around town and making a quick stop at Treasure Island to explore.

Two peas in a pod.Jacob spent the better part of our excursion managing that push pop. It was serious business. Josh and I felt like we were on a date because my parents took over stroller duty while we walked ahead munching on Cheetos and taking photos. 

Yesterday possessed that particular ebb and flow that some Monday’s seem to carry. Moments like sitting outside the frozen yogurt shop with my little gingers and my mom, taking in the bustle of down town followed by moments of frustration, time-outs and ranch dressing smeared all over the kitchen floor. Then full circle to playing in the sprinklers and giggling through pre-bed time sillies.

In the midst of it all, whether frustrations or joys, I know there’s an ebb and flow that exists. And knowing that helps me focus less on the anxious times and more on the peaceful, happy chunks of the day. I love a good treasure hunt and finding the understated joys makes those moments louder, more exciting and noteworthy. 

Sitting on the rocks at the edge of the bay, looking out over the glassy water and lights of the city line, Josh and I chatted about life. The things we wish did not exist, the things we want to fill our life with and ending with the conclusion that what we have, is good. The challenges, the ebb and flow, that’s what makes life substantial. I wouldn’t change that proverbial ebb and flow for anything.

Nap time has become non-existent, but I’m not ready to throw in the towel yet so we have “rest time”. I figure calling it “rest time” gives me another two years or so of mid-afternoon alone time.

The things that happen during rest time could possibly supply the content for a short lived, yet very funny sitcom. Usually there’s lots of belly laughing, bossing each other around and flipping off beds and other general non-restful things. Sometimes the belly laughing is followed by silence and then tears. Judah has hit Jacob, someone threw a book at the imaginary spider and thwacked their brother in the eye or Jacob bit Judah…You get the point.

So Jacob actually did bite Judah on the arm. I nipped Judah’s tantrum in the bud with immediate cuddling and freaking out. And I know you might be thinking I’m joking, but the bigger the cuddles and the louder the freaking out, the more loved Judah feels and hurt cries do not turn into 45 minute tantrums. Jacob tells me what happened, I see the purple ring around Judah’s arm and switch modes. Judah has calmed, so I give Jacob the benefit of the doubt and explain: Biting is bad. It hurts. We never hurt our brother. And so on…

Jacob is remorseful. He pats my back as I hug him, shakes his head as if he understands and cuts me off mid-sentence, “We never bite peoples in da boobs”. (Boobs being his most recently learned body part and most hilarious word to say)

Correct, we never bite peoples in the boobs…wait what?


1. The awkward moment when you realize that you’ve just posted a really cute photo of your kid, but his fingernails look like death. Maybe that’s a slight exaggeration.  (see above)

2. When Judah’s speech pathologist told me that I looked really tired…paused and then said, “Ohhh…I mean no offense” and I almost hugged her because at least she’s being honest (plus I really like her anyway).

3. I totally stepped on a snail with my bare feet while raking leaves. Jacob lamented over it being “broken” and I worried that he might have heard that tiny stream of profanity that came out of my mouth.

4. Two other moms were talking to each other in their native language and I had no idea what they were saying, but knew they were talking about or to me. I just smiled and looked like a goofy teen-ager and they walked away.

5. The other night Jacob woke up crying and I ran smack-dab into the door frame on my way into the room.

6. I met our next door neighbor. She was incredibly sweet, but the second thing she asked was if she could come over and dig out the weeds from our back yard.


1. This adorable, lanky-pot-bellied elderly man on his afternoon walk went by the park carrying a portable radio, blasting I’m Walking On Sunshine AND he was singing to it.

The highlight of Friday? Finding Judah munching on a raw potato. You know you have a picky eater who needs to gain weight when your first thought is “Oh! Yay!! How many calories are in that?” Then you come to your senses and wash it off before handing it back to him. (Just kidding, I took it away and gave him a fruit strip to chew on)

3:00pm: Judah is literally trotting like a horse throughout the house yelling like a banshee, just for the fun of it. I think I use that phrase a lot. “Yelling like a banshee” is really the only way to describe it though. So he’s trotting throughout the house and yelling like a banshee and I’m thinking to myself, “This is not what I thought parenting would be…this is way more hilarious!”

3:30pm: The boys go outside to play in their water table; one dressed in his zip up pajamas and the other stark naked (our yard is totally blocked from the street and neighbor’s views, so I don’t worry about peeping-toms). I stand at the patio gate in my sweat pants and Florida Gator’s t-shirt, blocking the oh-so-convenient planter filled with dirt, eating a chunk of brownie. Classy, right? I don’t mind dirt and mud, but 100% of the time it ends up in Judah’s mouth, so I block it and eat my brownie for strength.

4:00pm: I jerry-rig (that’s the saying right?) a temporary dirt blocker using the trash can and run inside to sew a little bit. I can totally see the boys just outside the window and I’m 99% sure the entire neighborhood can hear them; plus all the water in the water table is gone, so there’s no risk there.

About twenty million times today (slight exaggeration) I freaked out thinking there was a bug crawling down my back. Like not my upper back, but the lower back leading to my pant’s waist band. It took about half the day to finally realize I was not being attacked by a phantom spider (there was no other explanation, it was a spider and I had every right to freak out). I know, it took me half a day to figure that out? Having long hair that sheds like a Siberian Husky in Spring has it’s downfalls. I googled “I’m wondering which animal sheds its hair the most” and that’s what came up on eHow.com, so if that’s not true, which I seriously doubt because it’s on the internets, then please forgive me. Obviously it was just a lone hair shedding down my shirt and I stopped freaking out over spiders and went about my day. The point is, when searching for something online, always type in the exact sentence you’re thinking. Key words such as “burger joint” and “thrift store” will only confuse the search engine. Try “Where can I find a burger on a whole wheat bun with tomatoes and onions near ____” or “I need a used dining room table and chairs, which thrift store near ___ is the best?”. Just a little lesson on how to search the interwebs. (I’m totally making fun of myself because that is exactly how I search for things).

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