I declared today re-do day. As in, after lunch we took naps and when we woke up, we pretended it was morning and started the day completely over. It worked for the most part. Everyone woke up grouchy this morning (probably from the middle of the night wakings compliments of Judah) and the conclusion I’ve come to…? Behind almost every grouchy attitude is a sleep deprived or otherwise tired human being. After a walk to the park and left over strawberry shortcake, we are mostly restored to our cheerful selves.

Lately I’ve been rummaging through my closet and dresser drawers and coming up empty handed. It’s becoming increasingly harder and harder to get dressed and ready for the day. What’s wrong with me? I mean I did take the 30 for 30 challenge. I should be able to pull together an outfit quicker and more efficiently than ever.

While the boys napped, I pulled out all of my clothes and sorted them into three piles: keep, alter and giveaway. A cluttered dresser or messy closet is never easy to get dressed from, but even more difficult when nearly 1/2 of the smorgasbord is in need of button replacements or hemming.

In all honesty though, I haven’t been keeping to a very structured morning routine. Which is also to blame for the frantic mornings and multiple outfit changes. You know, a girl just wants to look as stylish as she feels, right? So, minus the structured routine, I find myself trying to get ready while the boys are creating little tornados around me. Duh Jodi!

I think I’ve remedied the problem though so here’s hoping I keep my closet organized and my early morning alarm doesn’t fail me.

*Since I have yet to find shorts that actually fit me, today’s outfit is what I call my “staple outfit” or “go-to outfit” or whatever phase means “easy and not too bad on the eyes”.*

I feel like a legitimate housewife today.

I’m trying my best to stick to the to-do list that’s left over from yesterday, but now that the floors have been mopped and the majority of the laundry has been shoved into the basket, (nice and neatly because that’s the next best thing to folding it) I’m about to dive into some sewing and possibly eat a hot dog for lunch. Speaking of eating healthy. Josh and I have decided to get a juicer. We’re trying to add more raw foods to our diet and my ultimate goal (for myself) is to eat at least an 80% raw diet. I know if I try to go 100%, my inner junk food junkie will attack any and all resolve, so I’m aiming for 80% or better. My friend Mia has really inspired me with her raw recipes and since we have a plethora of Farmer’s Markets around here, I have no excuse but to eat healthier. I guess on second thought, I’ll go eat a carrot and leave the hot dogs alone. :)

I have been acutely aware of Jacob’s need to have one-on-one time with us. I think he’s reaching the age where he really realizes that Judah gets a lot of attention and while he understands to some degree that Judah needs our attention because he can’t actually do certain things for himself, we never want Jacob to feel like the lesser priority. I’ve been trying to do little activities with just him throughout the day and doing them out on the sun porch works great. We finally took our tent down and cleared up all the clutter. It makes a really nice area to do arts and crafts. I thought using pencil erasers for stamping (which I saw first on Aesthetic Outburst and came from here) would be a great activity for Jacob. I plan on using this method for a few other projects, but today it was just about having fun.

I’m always in need of fun activities for little guys Jacob’s age, so what are some that you do with your kids? (or that you do yourself…come on, I know you braid friendship bracelets on your days off)

*Update: At the end of this post I tell you to have a good Tuesday, but today is in fact Wednesday. What can I say…Mom brain gets me every time*

After multiple trash can dives (which resulted in coffee grinds and several other trashy trash strewn throughout the house/garage), poop episodes, a walk to the park and down to the bay, emptying the pantry of it’s contents and uprooting my newly planted flowers, it’s no wonder that kid is tired. Honestly, nothing is safe anymore! But, today is a good, good day. A sweet lady, out walking her dogs, stopped me to ask if I had a camera on my phone and would I like her to take a photo of the boys and I. So sweet! She said it was just too scenic not to capture…and that mom’s are often the undocumented ones in the family photo albums. Such a sweet gesture!

For about a year now, plans have been in the works for my Grammy’s birthday party/family reunion in Florida. Josh and I knew that driving or flying all the way to central Florida for a short weekend was not in the picture for the entire family, but the selfless, sweet and caring husband that Josh is, has made sure that I get to go! I am really sad that Josh and the boys aren’t coming, but on the other hand, I’m super excited about getting to see my immediate and extended family. Not to mention, this mama welcomes the three day break from diaper changes, meal prep and waking up before the sun. My younger brother Joel and I are planning to share a room and I’m 100% certain that he won’t be waking up at 5am needing a diaper change. The trip isn’t for another 2 weeks, but I’m already pulling out the suitcase. :)

I must have accidentally left our birthday horns in the boys’ room and they are currently tooting away, which I’m certain has lead the neighbors to think we’re holding hostage a dying duck; plus tonight is date night and so I better start folding the laundry and finishing up other housewifely duties before it gets too late.

Hope this Tuesday is a good, good day for you too!

Sunday was a low key day. Actually our entire weekend was pretty low key and seesawed between grumpy and mellow attitudes. I’m not sure what was off, but by Sunday evening, I was ready to put the boys to bed a little early and just sit with Josh and relax. Because we have the meal schedule of an 80 year old couple and had already eaten dinner with the boys before 6pm, we opted to do a picnic dessert date. We kept it very simple and just laid our picnic blanket on the floor of our sunporch, propped up some pillows, sipped coffee and chewed on strawberry shortcake. We kept it so simple that I didn’t even make the cake (thank you Sara Lee for sharing your goodness).

So I follow this blog and love it! I thought you needed to see how they managed a family of four in a one bedroom apartment in San Francisco. MOSES AND ROMAN’S CLOSET PART III

First, let me state: Josh brought me chocolates today. Brilliant, handsome, changes diapers AND romantic. I married up.

Now for the rest of the post.

We have this laughing dog that came to us via G-Ma and G-Pa at Christmas (I think it’s called LOL Rollover dog). No matter how many times I try to get rid of it (sorry Gma), it ends up sitting in the corner of the boys’ room and spooking the heck out of me. Every time! I even tried leaving it at Judah’s school during “bring your pet to school” week (I know, how sad that Judah’s pet is a battery operated laughing dog?).

I thought I had removed the batteries because for a few days, I didn’t hear it. Today, Jacob figured out how to turn it on and did so without me knowing. Lets just say that hearing hysterical laughing when you think you’re home alone would freak anyone out! I screamed and immediately felt silly and couldn’t stop laughing because the darned dog kept rolling around and laughing. I’m just thankful it was the dog and not the multiple mice that have recently taken over my home.

Honestly those mice! I wouldn’t be surprised if they were rolling around and laughing at me for tip-toeing around and jumping on random pieces of furniture when I think I’ve spotted them. The husband brought home traps today (Mouse traps AND chocolate…see I married up) and I hope we are mice free by tomorrow evening. While I’m all for embracing the area in which you live, and we do play a few country songs every now and then, I’m drawing the line at co-habitating with rodents.

Judah loves getting into the trash. He quietly opens the lid and then furiously yanks everything out. Today it was the left over coffee grinds, but Jacob made good use of them by making race car tracks through the mess. Before you call the authorities on me, I cleaned it up right away (after a quick photo) and taped the trash can shut. Then we washed hands.

Laying on the couch this morning with one lanky kid to my side and the other little squirt sitting on my shins, I was completely enjoying myself; as were they, evident by their constant giggles and wriggling around. We had a heckava night with Judah last night. Right as Josh and I were heading to bed, he woke up in a massive tantrum, but this time, we couldn’t get him back to sleep. Finally after off and on tantrums intermittently broken up with quiet moments, we moved Jacob into our room and let Judah do what he wanted. It was about 4:30am and I guess Judah decided then was as good a time as any to get up and play. So play he did and we slept for another few hours. I couldn’t figure it out. What had bothered him enough for such an upset night and an early morning?

Baby loves his Daddy

As we were jumbled together on the couch, giggling and looking out at the melting snow, I reached for Judah’s pacifier. Low and behold, I had given him the pacifier with a hole in it. !!! Enter rush of mom guilt and apologizing profusely. Lately during the day, Judah has been content to chew on his “chewie” (technical name: Ark Grabber) but for naps and night time, he must. have. his. pacifier. Somehow last night in the mesh of our bed-time routine, I clipped the one with a hole in it to his nighty.

As soon as I replaced it this morning, I could see in Judah’s face a relief that FINALLY mom understands! What a sweet boy I have! I have since thrown away the offending pacifier and will double check each one from now on.

I just want to take a moment to say how great Josh is. Seriously, he got up with Judah last night, he spends even his tired moments with the boys and his love for us shows in all t he sacrifices he makes.THIS POST from 5minutesforspecialneeds.com is exactly who Josh is.

We’ve had what I like to call a successful weekend. You know, the kind where things just flow together smoothly and even though the whole bag of dried cranberries spilled and were smashed into the carpet and there were no actual nap times, we managed to stick together and keep our happy faces on. We had a blast at the Special Need’s Open Gym (Debbie Howard’s Gym) this afternoon, but I can’t find the camera to upload the photos, so we’ll save that for another post.

On a quick side note: Trader Joe’s has their sign hanging above a store front just a few miles from my home saying “Trader Joe’s Coming in 2011!”. After this Saturday’s rush around Whole Foods and trek back home, I’m getting a little impatient for the grand opening!

So begins a new week; one with a hope of sunny skies and lots of productive work and even more wrestling matches with the boys (no school this week). I’ve been working on adding things to my Etsy store (will link soon) and although I’m roughly novice, I’m excited to list things! There’s also the need for trying my hand at home-made twix bars and finishing Julia Child’s My Life In France for JANA LAURENE’S BOOK CLUB. Looks like a good week from here!

1. tiny bullet trio necklace $22.00

2. mini book necklace $33.00

3. chevron Dangles $25.00

4. triangle grid necklace $20.00

I really love her Etsy Shop and keep up with her on her blog

I ran across I HEART FACES last week and was so excited to get started on their weekly challenges. Since we got our new camera (at Christmas) I’ve been playing around with it, trying to figure out how everything works and since I take enormous amounts of photos of my boys, I thought this was the perfect tool for me. So, here’s THIS WEEK’S CHALLENGE. I hope you join me!! It’s really cool to see everyone’s photos and a great way to get some practice.

I took this photo of the boys while they were napping the other day. I love their baby feet, especially when they are jumbled together in a sweet little mess. (How cute is it that they sleep together?)

Because I’m a little tech-challenged, I thought I’d add that it took me forever to find the link to post on their site. If you scroll past all the other photo entries there’s a link that says, “click here to enter”. Yeah, I know, everyone but me got that…like I said, I’m a little tech-challenged or sleep deprived sometimes. :)

Here‘s a few shout outs to go along with this week’s handmade theme:

THE GENERATION GREEN blog is run by a friend and I totally love her idea of using repurposed materials and DIY methods. She also has an ETSY STORE which she’ll be adding to as her projects complete.

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